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Chartered Professional Accountants Canada

Commodity Tax Symposium


Symposium participants explored the current challenges in the indirect taxation domain. This included an assessment of how those challenges would affect the future of taxation and how the existing regime will have to adapt to support and keep pace with increasingly complex businesses operations.


This program allowed judicial and non-judicial participants to learn the latest issues and strategies to deal with indirect taxation changes in Canada. Judges need to develop skills in areas related to taxation to ensure matters of federal taxation are properly considered. They also need to be informed on the common judicial challenges facing courts with exclusive jurisdiction over tax issues.


This program consisted of in-depth technical sessions, identification of practical issues and topic analysis relating to indirect taxation. Participants could attend sessions on transparency and accountability during an audit, including issues relating to global trade for Canadian businesses. Sessions included an annual case law update on GST/HST issues; discussion on commodity tax cases from across Canada; and an annual update from Canada Revenue Agency and the Department of Finance Canada. Speakers included law professionals from private law firms, accounting specialists, and professionals who lead internal commodity tax groups.


Nov 13th -
Nov 14th 2017

Number of Participants



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