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Canadian Superior Courts Judges Association (CSCJA)

Annual Meeting and Conference


The CSCJA provides information sessions to support building an effective, accountable and inclusive judiciary. Judges participated in sessions covering a wide variety of topics related to judicial education, the administration of justice, human rights and judicial independence.


The objective of the conference, attended by judges from Commonwealth countries, was to examine emerging issues in various areas of the law and explore common problems facing judges throughout the Commonwealth. It allowed judges the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of creative ways to solve these problems.


The conference brought together judicial officers from Commonwealth countries to discuss matters of mutual concern. It focused on the following topics: confronting delays in court proceedings; streamlining court procedures; redressing gender imbalance on the Bench; the psychology of judging; the need for more diversity in the modern judiciary; the role of technology in the courtroom; terrorism; and human rights.


Sep 24th -
Sep 28th 2017

Number of Participants



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